How Do I Set Up Close Captions on TV?

If you have Comcast:

Activating Closed Captioning:

Motorola High-Definition set-top boxes:

To activate Closed Captioning:

  • Turn the set-top box off but leave the TV on
  • Press Menu on the set-top box or remote control
  • Navigate to Closed Captioning using the down arrow
  • Press the right arrow to select Enabled or Disabled

Scientific-Atlanta set-top boxes:

To turn Closed Captioning on or off:

  • Press the MENU or SETTINGS button once
  • Scroll down to Caption/Off/On/On with Mute
  • Select the setting your want using the left and right arrows
  • To change the Closed Captioning settings (font style, height, location, background, etc.) follow the steps below:
    • Acccess Settings
      • Press the MENU or SETTINGS button twice on your remote
      • Highlight any of the options on the screen by pressing the up or down arrows on your remote
      • Scroll down to Closed Captioning to change the Closed Captioning features.
      • Press OK/Select to confirm your choices
    • For some newer version of devices:
      • Press the MENU button twice on your remote to get to the Main Menu
      • Select Setup from the Main Menu
      • Select Closed Captioning Setup to turn captions on or off and to adjust other Closed Caption settings

If you have Dish Network:

If you have DirecTV: